M Power Capital Limited was established in February 2014 by a group of experienced executives with operational expertise in various fields.

Our expertise includes but not limited to Banking Money/Stock broking, Capital Markets, Property Development, Engineering, Construction, Telecommunications, Apparel, Lapidary Trade, Manufacturing and Retail Merchandising.

Key areas of strength include financial and transactional advice for mergers and acquisition, IPO’s, structured finance, project finance including private sources, donor agencies and export credit agencies.

In addition to our tenure in financial services, we hold a number of professional credentials which have helped broaden our vision over the years.

Hailing from various business disciplines, each member of M Power Capital contributes knowledge, experience and a unique analytical strength, helping us perceive a situation from various angles and viewpoints, working closely together to offer you financial counsel, guidance and an array of solutions.

Corporate Finance

M Power Capital Limited (MPC) through its Corporate Finance arm assists companies to increase shareholder wealth by offering long/ short term financing solutions in debt and equity. MPC is a specialised corporate debt structuring intermediary in Sri Lanka’s capital market serving both institutional customers and high net-worth individuals. Service offerings include;

  1. Corporate Debt; Asset backed securitisations | Listed/ unlisted debenture issues | Placement of long term and short term corporate debt securities
  2. Corporate Finance Advisory; Initial public offerings (IPO) and private equity placements | Share/ business valuations, brand and intangible asset valuations | Corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) | Business advisory